Selling a Home

In the intricate realm of lakefront real estate, the process of assessing a property extends far beyond a routine evaluation of the house and its land. It requires the expertise of an agent who not only comprehends the unique value inherent in lakefront properties but also possesses the skill to effectively market and communicate that value to potential buyers.

At Northern Legacy Properties, we are professionals in this challenging landscape, boasting extensive knowledge rooted in northern Michigan residences within lakeside and bay communities. With a career spanning several decades, broker Joel Peterson is a seasoned expert in the intricacies of this specialized market. His comprehensive understanding encompasses not just the physical aspects of properties but also the nuances of communities, land features, and key considerations that set him apart from the typical real estate broker.

Joel’s commitment goes beyond transactional engagements; he is dedicated to ensuring that his clients are equipped with insights and guidance throughout the entire process of buying or selling lakefront properties. We are here to make your journey in the lakefront real estate market a success.

Home on a Lake in Northern Michigan